Bikermeeting Penserhof:

Sports and freetime in Sarntal, Pens:
Summer:   Winter:
  • Trekking in the mountains, climbing
  • tours in motorbike
  • playground for children
  • Outdoor Swimmingpool in Sarnthein
  • cross-country skiing (15Km-25Km) starting directly at Hotel Penserhof
  • Sci alpinism
  • Skiing Area Reinswald, ca. 20 minutes from Pens, with skischool:
  • tobogganing
  • ice skating in Sarnthein

A paradise for outings and excursions – Pennes / Val Sarentino – easy or demanding   excursions for the young… and not-so-young.

Favourite excursions starting from Penserhof:

Pennes - Passo Pennes
Pennes - Weisshorn
Pennes - Zinseler
Pennes - Asten - Seebergalm
Pennes - Asten - Tramin
Pennes - Grosse Scheibe
Pens - Durnholzerjöchl - Durnholzersee (Busrückfahrt zum Penserhof)

For other excursions, Penserhof has information available for guests.

the "Hufeisentour":
Rittner-Horn-Haus (2261m)
Klausner-Hütte (1923m)
Marburger-Hütte (2461m)
Latzfonser-Kreuz-Hütte (2302m)
Penser-Joch-Haus (2211m)
Penserhof (1500m)
Kesselberg-Hütte (2300m)
Meraner Hütte (1940m)
Sarner Skihütte (1614m)

For mountain-bikers:

The Tourist Board has a tourist map of “Val Sarentino” available for the price of approximately  € 6.00. The map proposes 10 excursions for mountain bikes.

more information: